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Workplace Injury

South Florida Workplace Injury Lawyer

Complicated legal issues often arise in the setting of a workplace injury. Most injured workers are entitled to submit a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Recovery under Florida workers’ compensation law is generally much more limited than what an injured person would be entitled to under common law. Although we refer workers’ compensation matters to qualified counsel, our office has successfully assisted injured workers in bringing claims against persons responsible for a workplace accident when a third party non-employer is involved. As an example, if your job requires you to drive and someone rear ends you on the highway, you would have both a workers’ compensation case as well as a common law action against the party who caused the accident. Another example would be a worker who was injured by a defective product while on the job. Our office has helped many clients in attaining compensation against non-employer third parties.

Florida law allows an injured worker to maintain both a workers’ compensation claim as well as a common law action against a negligent party who is not the employer. If an employer was grossly negligent it may also be possible to maintain an action directly against the employer. If you have been injured at work and feel that a party other than your employer is responsible call for your free consultation.