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South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

About Trop Law Group

South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured through the fault of another, the insurance companies and big corporations already have their lawyers working on your case. Choosing the best lawyer to protect your rights takes careful consideration. Why not choose a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer. Adam Trop has been designated by the Florida Bar as a specialist — an expert in the field. Fewer than 2% of Florida lawyers have attained this qualification.

If you’re going to take on the insurance industry, you need a lawyer with experience. You want someone who will aggressively defend your rights, even if that means taking your case all the way to trial. But you also deserve a lawyer with compassion, who will take the time to listen and understand the effect the injury or loss has had on your life. You need someone who will help you get the treatment you need, and who will make the entire process as easy as possible. For the past 25 years, Adam Trop has dedicated his practice to helping families cope with the effects of significant life altering injuries, or the loss of a loved one. At the Trop Law Group, we are committed to protecting the rights of injury victims.

Since 1990, Adam Trop has been representing clients in the fields of personal injury, medical malpractice, defective products and wrongful death litigation. At the Trop Law Group, we have been working hard, fighting for our clients to get the best possible results, whether by settlement or verdict. At the Trop Law Group we do not represent insurance companies or big corporations. We exclusively protect the rights of individuals. We are committed to dedicating all necessary resources and expertise to maximize the financial recovery for our clients throughout Florida. Please contact us today for your free case evaluation.

Accident Injuries

At TheTrop Law Group, we represent persons injured in motor vehicle accidents involving drunk drivers, uninsured drivers (UM Claims), trucking companies or commercial vehicles, and other negligent persons. We also represent pedestrians injured by motor vehicles.

Medical Malpractice

When hospitals, doctors and nurses provide negligent and careless services to their patients resulting in injury or death, those patients or their survivors may have a right to receive fair compensation for those damages. Trop Law Group handles a wide variety of malpractice cases.

Tobacco Litigation

The attorneys at the Trop Law Group have been successfully battling the big tobacco companies for years. We are proudly accepting cases on behalf of both smokers and non-smokers who have suffered serious injuries as a result of exposure to tobacco smoke.

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