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Boating Accidents

South Florida Boating Accident Lawyer

Help from a South Florida Boating Accident Lawyer

With miles of coastline, lakes, canals and inland waterways combined with the year round boating opportunity provided by our temperate weather boating accidents are common occurrences in Florida. Common causes of boating accidents are excessive speed, alcohol use, inexperienced operators, and distractions. Like in any other case, injuries can range from the mild to fatal. Drowning deaths are unfortunately sometimes a consequence of a boating accident.

Because the cruise ship industry has a large presence in the state, it is important that your legal representative be able to navigate through issues raised by Federal maritime law and the ticket contract itself. Most cruise ship ticket contracts contain shortened statutes of limitations in addition to notice provisions that can defeat a claim if not followed.

Hiring a from a South Florida Boating Accident Lawyer

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