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Burn Injury

South Florida Burn Injury Lawyer

Help from a South Florida Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries can range from the mild to the quite serious. The severity of burns are measured in degree with a first degree burn being the least serious to a third degree burn being the most serious. It is possible for a person to suffer burns of different degrees on their body from the same incident. Burn injuries can involve expensive hospital bills, extensive recovery periods as well as the need for plastic surgery and rehabilitation. If you have suffered a burn injury through the fault of another party you may be entitled to compensation for the resulting pain, suffering, disability, disfigurement, medical bills and wage loss. Burn injuries occur in a variety of ways.

Obviously, the most common form of burn injury comes from exposure to fire or heat. Most fires in and around the home are most often related to negligence. For example, a faulty electrical system that leads to a fire can be related to a defect or the failure to inspect and make repairs. Another common burn injury that we see is scalding. Scalding occurs when the skin comes in contact with a hot liquid or vapor. A common scalding type of burn occurs when hot liquid in a restaurant or kitchen is dropped on someone. Scalding burns can be quite severe. Another serious type of burn injury is an electrical burn. Electrical burns result when a person’s body comes in contact with an electrical current. Not only is there usually resulting damage to a person’s skin but internal injuries can result when an electrical current flows through someone’s body. Burns from explosions can also be quite serious. Explosions can occur when gas or other chemicals expands inside a retaining vessel due to heat. No matter the cause of your burn it is important to seek prompt medical attention. It is also important to seek legal advice quickly. This will allow your legal team sufficient time to speak with investigating agencies, preserve evidence and witness information and hire appropriate experts.

Hiring a South Florida Burn Injury Lawyer

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